When good people do too little, evil has its way as with the Agenda 21 corporate
    network. Join with the IAP in the great American cause for liberty.

           We invite all Americans to join with the Independent American Party in the promotion of
    American patriotism and faith in the word of God by sharing this IAP message with others.

           Check for IAP organization in your state at the National IAP.

           For Kansas, download official petition form HERE. Download petition rules HERE.

           Call and join the discussion on the current issues that we face today. Join the
    discussion to achieve support for good law enforcement officers and for greater recognition
    and appreciation for our law enforcement officers and military troops. Without those public
    servants who honor their oath to keep the law, we get total lawlessness that will bring a
    welcome cry for the tyranny that will be needed to restore some sense of safety. These
    discussions are recorded and available to the public. Previous discussions are available.


           Phone:  1-605-562-0444
           Meeting ID: 7593779   Access: 5802355
             Open meeting most every Tuesday at 7:00 PM CST/CDT       

           The Independent American Party supports and promotes our nation's constitutional
    laws. In doing so, the IAP educates and recruits local citizens in each county who will work
    to promote and support the election of public servants and especially the county sheriff who,
    when taking the oath of office, promises to stand up for the constitutional rights of all the
    citizens in the county. See these principles of liberty at work as explained in the
    Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

           By working together in this IAP Campaign For America, we can successfully
    overcome corruption. As we become engaged in this campaign as promoted here and at
    the National IAP web site at, we can successfully
    overcome the corruption that threatens our life and liberty.

           You can become an IAP Precinct Organizer and/or IAP member and be proactive in
    our Campaign For America. Download and complete this convenient membership form.
    This form can be used by anyone and all IAP Precinct Organizers to help accomplish state
    party recruiting and organization.

           Become a Kansas IAP member and choose to advance to IAP Precinct Organizer by
    completing a Kansas IAP Membership Form. This form can be used by anyone and all
    IAP Precinct Organizers for recruiting. In addition to clicking on the above link, you can also
    attend the scheduled meetings and ask for membership forms and information.

           Join with the National IAP at        

           Many people express feelings of being discouraged for America's future. They listen to
    news reports that come from every discouraging direction and then drop out of worthwhile
    patriotic action.

           To overcome this depression, we need to remember our American heritage and who
    we are as a people having been created by our Creator with unalienable rights.

           We need to understand that the enemy of our liberty and independence is pushing the
    likes of the United Nations Agenda 21 controlled society upon us through a corporate
    controlled network.

           We need to promote the unity of our people for the repeal of the 16th Amendment and
    the elimination of the IRS. One workable plan is to apply the Fair Tax and, then, eliminate all
    taxes through a new concept of tax reform .

        Join the IAP for the party that defends our God given rights of life and liberty.

        The IAP is the party that promotes the great American cause of life and liberty.. Life and
    liberty secured by the law of our United States Constitution is the great American cause that
    has always been the heart of our nation's political union. This law is our nation's political
    religion and the strength of our union.

        America's values are centered in respect and, as Abraham Lincoln termed, even
    reverence for the Law of our Liberty, without which we are subject to losing our Liberty in
    a slide into tyranny. In such a slide we might even be told it is democracy at work by those
    who would pervert the Law of our Liberty. We will either have freedom by law or we will have
    oppression by and through a corrupted democracy under the influence of bad media and

        The invitation is to every American to join with us to help promote our American values.
    Tell others about this campaign for America. By working together, we encourage people to
    help preserve, support and celebrate our Constitution's laws.

        Join the petition process to get the Independent American Party and candidates on the
    election ballots in Kansas and other areas across America as needed. Contact

        America, as a land of liberty, has been blessed with a people having an abundance of
    knowledge to interact with and to control our environment. Unfortunately, when men choose
    not to do right, they can pollute our environment and poison everyone's life. Some rebel
    against what is right. Mankind's technical ability to control his physical environment is often
    used for other than good purposes as is evidenced by the corruption involved in the support
    of Agenda 21.

           Honest people of faith and many Presidents such as George Washington and
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were not ashamed to express their faith and
    prayer for our nation and to prescribe the same for every American. It is in living by the
    words, "In God We Trust", that liberty will prevail against the tactics of any evil whatever it
    might be. Our one sure defense is to hear and follow our National Motto.

           As Independent Americans, we will honor the laws of our Constitution and strive to be
    united in the American spirit of liberty and justice for all.

           Our choice is clear.  Vote IAP for life and liberty. Vote against the agenda of the
    Agenda 21  and Agenda 2030 control grid of tyranny and depopulation.

           For questions and IAP information, contact using subject
    "IAP Information", or address: Roger Tucker, P.O. Box 52, Wellsville, KS 66092

          Use this IAP membership application to recruit and sponsor new IAP

           Roger Tucker
           An Independent American
           POBox 52
           Wellsville, KS 66092

The IAP Stands In Honor of The Declaration of Independence
- American Liberty Is Inseparably Connected To Our Motto
"In God We Trust" -
For The Cause of Liberty, we support law and order under the Constitution
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