"We hold these Truths to be self-evident,
     that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
    Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are . . . ."

    Fellow Americans,

           The above words are from our American Declaration of Independence. We the
    people have been and still are willing to stand and fight for this Declaration.

           Soon after we won our independence and we became an independent nation, our
    United States Constitution was written. Our Constitution's laws were written for the
    purpose of unifying the states and protecting our God given unalienable Rights. The Bill
    of Rights are laws that were written as amendments to be included with the laws of the
    Constitution to help identify and protect our God given unalienable Rights.

           The First Amendment, and arguably the first in importance, says: "Congress shall
    make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
    thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
    peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

           We invite all Americans to join with the Independent American Party and the IAP
    campaign for America for the perpetuation of our American independence under the
    law and order of the United States Constitution. We promote the election of candidates
    who stand for American independence and our God given unalienable rights.

           This Independent American campaign seeks to unite the efforts of all Americans
    who will recognize the value and correctness of our 1776 Declaration of Independence.
    This is a campaign for America to promote unity in recognition for the value and
    correctness of our Declaration of Independence and rights that are protected by the
    laws of the Constitution. This campaign includes unfunded grass roots petition drives
    that could take years of effort before meeting state requirements for Party recognition.
    More important than IAP recognition is citizen support for Constitutional law and order.

            Patrick Henry said "give me liberty, or give me death". If the fear of death had
    been greater than the love of liberty, this land of the free would never have been born.

           This is a battle that we are again in for our God given rights and freedoms. If we
    are to be a people who live free from tyranny, it is time to recognize that political action
    cannot be separated from religious faith.

           Most of liberty's enemies are people who have more faith in science than in the
    word of God. They fail to understand that everything in the universe including the
    laws of science have no reality outside of the word of God. Rather than to believe
    in the power of God's word, they choose to believe in the theory of accidental evolution
    and in the need for a controlled and reduced world population through the
    implementation of Agenda 21. They think that if people are allowed to continue in
    liberty they will consume earth's limited resources and have an unsustainable future.

           This brings us to the need for inviting all freedom loving Americans to join with and
    help promote the ideals and mission of the Independent American Party, the political
    party that recognizes that freedom cannot exist without faith in the word of God.

           Heb 11:3 "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by
    the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which
    do appear."

           Heb 2:15 "And deliver them who through fear of death were all their
    lifetime subject to bondage."

           I do not fear death, or do I? What I do know is that I have faith that as I focus on the
    power of God's word, I will be able to suffer whatever through whatever pain happens.
    From what I have seen, death is seldom painless. We can endure it because Jesus
    has shown us by his example that the sufferings endured in this world are not worthy to
    be compared to the glory of the promised day.

           Scripture says: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

           Some might ask, what or where is the truth that will make you free? That question
    can best be answered by first answering this question, what made the United States of
    America become a free nation?

           History records that it was September 7, 1774, at 9 o’clock in the morning, when
    the First Continental Congress convened to determine the course of action for the
    future of America. The meeting was opened with prayer after those attending agreed
    that it was more important to be united for the cause of liberty than by which particular
    religious minister prayed in petition for God's help. That prayer became recognized as
    America's first prayer given in the First Continental Congress of our nation.

           There are a few special words within that prayer that speak volumes on why the
    American people have been helped by the hand of God against all enemies. Carefully
    consider these few words from that prayer: "Look down in mercy, we beseech Thee, on
    these our American States, who have fled to Thee from the rod of the oppressor and
    thrown themselves on Thy gracious protection, desiring to be henceforth dependent
    only on Thee." These are the words of prayer that were in the hearts of America's
    patriots at the founding of this nation. These are among the greatest words of prayer
    and faith that any people can give "to be henceforth dependent only on Thee.".

           Back in 1774-76, America's patriots recognized their dependence on God. They
    asked God for help and God answered their prayers. They stood up tall for their God
    given rights against what were seemingly impossible odds. God helped America in its
    victory for freedom.

           When our people have humbled themselves in recognition of their dependence on
    God, the miracles of God's blessings have made America to be known as the land of
    the free and the home of the brave.

           Our American Declaration of Independence declares our American faith that all
    people are created equal in being endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
    rights. That most important declaration said: "We hold these truths to be self-evident,
    that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
    unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

            Those patriots who created that 1776 American Declaration believed in God and
    liberty as taught by Jesus Christ. They believed in obedience to the first commandment
    and to the second to love our neighbors as ourselves. They believed in the word of God
    as in Hebrews 2:15 which says, "And deliver them who through fear of death were all
    their lifetime subject to bondage".

           Through faith in God's word, the people of 1776 overcame their fear of death and
    fought for their liberty. To secure their victory and preserve their freedom for future
    generations, they established the laws of the United States Constitution to be the
    supreme law of this free nation.

           Today, we honor and celebrate the Declaration of Independence and the United
    States Constitution that those early American patriots were willing to fight and die for.

           We also honor and support the patriots of today who serve as military troops or
    law enforcement officers. Without those who stand against the fear of death in honoring
    their oath of office to defend the law, we would lose our 1776 Declaration for freedom.

           Next to God and family, law enforcement officers are some of our best friends for
    protecting our rights of law and order. A few of us who believe in God and in our God
    given rights as declared in that 1776 Declaration, do our best to promote increased
    appreciation for our military troops and law enforcement officers who risk their lives to
    keep our laws of liberty.

          If you appreciate those 1776 patriots who fought for freedom and believed in liberty
    as declared in that 1776 Declaration of Independence, you are invited to stand against
    the fear that leads to bondage and stand for liberty with other Americans by Joining
    with the Independent American Party to organize in every location to help defend
    constitutional law and order with our law enforcement officers and military troops.
    Without those who honor the Constitution and oath to defend the law, we get tyranny.

           Americans who understand what liberty is are thankful for those patriots who have
    been willing to take the oath to stand in defense of the law of the Constitution.
    We regard with the highest respect those American patriots who honorably take the
    oath and effectively pledge their mutual allegiance to the law of the Constitution and to
    defend that law in order that we might be secure in our independence and in our
    freedom from the evils of tyranny.

           Politicians claim to be against government corruption and waste, but they fail to
    properly address the IRS tax burdens that can best be cleared up by a focus on the
    truth in which we the people would learn how to use dividends from stock investments
    to reduce our tax burdens. This benefit is made apparent in a study of financial
    records such as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR that many
    government entities keep and sometimes would rather hide from public view.

           This most expensive area of corruption comes from the Federal Reserve System
    of corporate control. The Depository Trust and Clearing Center or DTCC is the part of
    the FRS that is able to influence who is appointed to the board of directors of any
    targeted public stock corporation. This influence for such control is how the major news
    and entertainment corporations have become so biased in favor of the left leaning

           Most local and state governments, and even departments within each of these
    government entities, have all become incorporated and have their own  corporate
    identity number. The taxes and fees that we pay to these incorporated government
    entities go to more places than to just get deposited in a bank. A portion of these
    public funds, including the funds put into pension funds, get invested into the stock
    markets. These transactions are recorded in a CAFR or some similar bookkeeping.

           Through this process of each government entity investing a portion of its funds into
    corporate stocks and then each being added to similar investments from thousands of
    other government entities, it become obvious that the combined stock investments
    from all of the government entities now collectively own the majority of the stocks of any
    corporation on the stock market that has been chosen for investment.

           The Depository Trust and Clearing Center or DTCC is the part of the Federal
    Reserve System that manages all stock investments. This includes investments from all
    government entities as well as from individual investors. Since collective government
    owns the majority of stock, that majority has voting power to choose corporate boards
    of directors. The Depository Trust and Clearing Center in the Federal Reserve System
    manages those votes by proxy. This management by the DTCC of the proxy votes for
    the majority constitutes an effort by the political left in favor of the global Agenda 21.
    Therefore, the American people are being censored and manipulated by corporate
    boards of directors who are not patriots to our American Declaration of Independence
    and Constitution. They are globalists pushing for Agenda 21 population control.

           In days gone by, we the people owned our government. However, we the people
    have now become owned by our government. We are even being used as collateral for
    our government's ability to borrow now over $22 trillion in debt. We the people are
    being used as property by the USA corporation for the collateral to obtain loans from
    the corporation of Federal Reserve Bank System. This definition of being owned by
    someone else, which we the people have become, is a definition of slavery. Our birth
    certificates are used to establish each of us to be used for loan collateral.

           Beware of the new world order elite who use corporate power to control the flow
    and use of money including who gets to benefit by being placed in key corporate
    positions. Those who get to have the greatest benefit include those who are willing to
    enslave humanity into an agenda 21 new world order that too often manifests itself in
    today's modern political party government.

        In opposition to the enemies of our American independence and liberty who use
    their means to promote division and contention against our law and order, the IAP
    promotes patriotism that is united in support for the Constitution.

           An old army training manual stated that our republic is better than what a
    democracy is because, our republic is ruled by constitutional law while a democracy is
    ruled by the vote of the majority which can lead to communism. Communism, socialism
    or democracy puts people into a condition of servitude to the state that receives power
    by vote. Without the people's respect for the law of the Constitution, we become slaves
    to state control which threatens to become the tyranny of Agenda 21 population control.

           If the democratic vote of the majority of a weak minded people, a people who have
    lost their faith including their sense of dependence on God, vote for dependence on the
    government treasury for their needs, the amount of public taxes and incidence of crime
    will inevitably increase. Socialism has always been force by government that takes
    from Peter to pay Paul. The economy eventually becomes unsustainable. Crime will
    increase. The social engineers, who worked for this collapse of our American society,
    will seize the opportunity to establish their oligarchy to enslave us. This is why the old
    army training manual said that a democracy leads to the tyranny of communism.

        It is time for a political party that stands in defense of liberty and independence as
    declared in the Declaration of Independence and written in the laws of the Constitution.
    Constitutional laws stand to protect the rights of individuals to not become controlled by
    any perceived democratic vote that results in any kind of unconstitutional enslavement
    to majority rule. This is why we pledge allegiance to the republic and not a democracy.

        People who believe in creation by God also care for our environment. They support
    constitutional laws within the states and with some Federal Environmental Protection
    Agency regulations, to help secure a healthy environment.    

          All Americans are invited to call in to our Tuesday teleconference at    

           The Independent American Party seeks to preserve our nation upon the principles
    of its founding as declared in our American Declaration of Independence. -- We seek
    and promote candidates who are dedicated to preserve our nation as an independent
    nation as it was intended to be as it was declared in that most important declaration of

           The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Many people see the unspeakable
    directions of corruption and then don't see the shape or color of the forest because of
    the trees. Those who promote a new world order under control of the United Nations
    Agenda 21 or 2030 are okay to show us the manifestations of many evils or trees in
    order to keep we the people from seeing the color of the forest.

           The color of the forest is what they would like to keep us from seeing. As we look
    beyond the trees and see the forest, we see that they want you and I to be controlled
    and even eliminated and to not be among the unfortunate 500 million or so remaining
    enslaved population.

           As we point out the evidence to more of our friends and they come to focus on the
    forest and realize the evil agenda of population control and reduction, the agenda of
    control that is at work to overthrow our constitutional law and order will not succeed.
    Through a strong and united will of the people for liberty, liberty will live.

           It was around 1682 that William Penn of Pennsylvania said, “Men must be
    governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

           When you consider the kind of government that can maintain a civilization of law
    and order, William Penn's statement is seen as a valid statement of truth. Therefore,
    the Independent American Party supports and promotes the choice to be governed by
    God so that we can all enjoy our God given unalienable rights under the laws of the

           During the recent era referred to as the cold war era, the enemy of our American
    laws of liberty was recognized by the label of communism. Capitalism was recognized
    for America's label. The corporations of today that the new world order elite use in their
    war against mankind's God given unalienable rights, are not the same as American
    capitalism. Today, even people who promote communism know how to use the tools
    that are inherent in the structure of corporations. Hence, corporatism.

           There are more reports than one that refer to the time in 1959 when Soviet
    Premier Nikita Khrushchev made these revealing comments to Secretary of
    Agriculture Benson: Within those comments he is reported to have made this
    statement, “Your grandchildren will live under communism. You Americans are so
    gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright. But, we will keep feeding you small
    doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We
    won't have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit
    into our hands."

           When the American people vote for politicians who plot against American
    independence in favor of world law under the control of a United Nations "new world
    order", we can blame no one but ourselves when they hold open our nation's gates
    for invasion from persons who may have disease and be violent criminals. This gives
    our enemies the excuse they look for to further disregard the Constitutional rights of
    the American people in order to make us safer. They do it with the intentions of
    overthrowing the people's rule of law under the Constitution that unites us, even our law
    that has traditionally united us as "one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and
    Justice for all" .

           Contrary to those who plot against our liberties, the Independent American Party is
    a party of and for Americans who promote and support government policy that teaches
    the people how to live and prosper independent of the force of government control.

           For example, the Kansas IAP promotes policies and candidates in support of
    state and federal tax reform such as the Fair Tax Act that will abolish the power of the
    IRS to collect income taxes and engage in acts of social engineering as recently
    accused of.

         Stand with the IAP in the great American cause of liberty. Stand with the IAP
    against the plot to overthrow America through manipulating conditions of poverty and
    creating a new world order control grid of tyranny.

         For the preservation of our God given unalienable rights and for an independent
    America with freedom from tyranny, it is time to elect candidates who follow the spirit of
    the Declaration of Independence and the rule of law of the United States Constitution.

           Join with the IAP for an independent America made secure by honoring the laws
    of the United States Constitution.

           Stand up for America by supporting the IAP stand against the enemies of liberty.
    As we expose the Agenda 21 motivation of the enemies of liberty and stand in support
    of our American constitutional laws, we will preserve our liberty and unalienable rights
    in agreement with the Declaration of Independence.

           Join with the Kansas IAP and distribute IAP Promotion Fliers . .

         Independent Americans stand for liberty, law and order under the rule of the law of
    the United States Constitution. We stand for the cause of America as understood and
    intended by those whose sacrifices have secured the light of liberty for us to this day
    ever since that bright beginning of the American revolution around those years of the
    Declaration of Independence of 1776.

           The Pledge Of Allegiance  
       "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic
    for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

            Those who honor the above Pledge Of Allegiance and who would remain true to
    the implied oath of the pledge to stand in support of said Republic, are invited to join
    with the Independent American Party in the campaign for the preservation of our lives,
    our property and our constitutional laws that secure our rights.  

           For information to become an IAP member or IAP affiliated candidate, see
    contacts, come to a meeting, or go to the National IAP web site.

           The IAP challenges every elected and non-elected servant of the people to stand
    up for our nation's independence and show support for the law that was written to
    protect us from tyranny -- the United States Constitution.

           Our Law was written by our nation's Founders and secured in fact by the blood
    and sacrifice of countless numbers of patriots who have given their all in defense of our
    Law. Their blood and sacrifice have indeed made sacred the Law that they fought for
    to preserve.

           Remember the many who have sacrificed life and limb in defense of this Law of
    our liberty. We honor them by showing support for the Constitution for which they
    sacrificed. Remember the sacrifices made by fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters,
    even all those countless numbers of past and present defenders of our Law, even they
    whose sacrifice for our Law would surely have earned them the right to call the
    Constitution of this land that they fought for, sacred.

           Let's promote unity and respect for the laws of our liberty that the blood of our
    nation's patriots have made possible and demand of us. Let's celebrate and honor the
    United States Constitution for the sacred document that it is by standing with those who
    have been willing to take and honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

           In recognition that our willingness to stand by the laws of the Constitution is
    needed to keep liberty alive within this nation, let's recognize and respect all those who
    have the courage to support the work of the CSPOA and defend the law.

           Let us each stand with the IAP and encourage and challenge every American to
    make the greater effort. Make a greater effort in the cause of our American
    independence under the laws of our liberty and in the cause of our independence from
    the corruption that leads to tyranny. Let's stand up for our liberty as protected through
    keeping our constitutional law and order and through maintaining our united support for
    each and every patriotic oath keeping sheriff.

           The Independent American Party (IAP) stands for law and order under the United
    States Constitution. It is this great document that provides the standard and the
    framework of laws that people can live by that enables so very many people to live
    together in liberty. As we follow the plain logic of the plain truth,  as did Abraham
    Lincoln in his call for the political religion of our nation, liberty for mankind will not
    perish from the earth.

          We welcome your Kansas IAP membership and your support for the
    National Independent American Party.        

           Click HERE for a pdf copy of this IAP invitation (color).

           Click HERE for a pdf copy of this IAP invitation (B & W).

            Click JOIN to join or for other Independent American information.

           For support of, or comments about, this Independent American Party
    patriotic mission, you may send correspondence to The Independent American,
    PO Box 52, Wellsville, Kansas 66092 .

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           There is no better way to secure our rights against criminal evils and government
    corruption than to join with people who believe in our God given rights enough to support
    the county sheriff who honors and keeps the oath to uphold the laws of the Constitution.

           How to accomplish this is by inviting neighbors and everyone in every county to join
    the CSPOA Posse and form that local band of people who will stand in support of their
    sheriff in keeping the Oath to stand in defense of our constitutional rights.

           To join the CSPOA Posse and help support the work of the sheriff in keeping law
    and order is America's best hope for law and order as is explained on the link:

    CSPOA.org  Join the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association Posse

           All people are encouraged to join the CSPOA Posse so that we can elect and
    support a sheriff in every county who will stand up for "we the people" against criminals
    and any overreach of degraded government that takes away our God given constitutional
    rights --- rights that were written into the Constitution's law to keep us independent and
    free from the evils that have always come to mankind from the hands of tyrants.

           Download and read Stop The End of America.

    CSPOA Posse Advocate
    Roger Tucker

           Many patriots, in serving the great cause of liberty, have taken the solemn oath to
    uphold and defend the laws of our Constitution when they become Law Enforcement
    Officers or join the United States Military.

           One of the best ways to support these patriots is to give honor and celebration to the
    Law of our Liberty - the United States Constitution that they pledge by oath to defend.

    Independent American
    Statement of Celebration and Support
      for The United States Constitution

               We, the citizens of America, having a strong sense for the love of liberty, do
    support the laws of our United States Constitution. We celebrate and promote this law
    for America's Independence and Liberty. We celebrate the United States Constitution
    as the law and standard of our God given unalienable rights.

           For over 230 years we have celebrated the independence and liberty that was won
    in the war for the Declaration of Independence. To preserve freedom for future
    generations, our Constitution was written. From that beginning, thousands have
    sacrificed in defense of this law. It is only through the vigilance of such patriots, who
    sacrifice their time and means for the cause of liberty, that our Constitution survives
    today as our law and standard of liberty.

           The Constitution was written to be the supreme law of our nation, written to be our
    law for the defense of our liberty in times of peace or war. It is a celebration of liberty
    that should never be lost, not to the fear of terrorism or to any enemy.

           Every American should understand the great sacrifices that have been made by
    those who have answered the call for the cause of liberty. When we stop to ponder and
    realize the sacrifices that have been made by our nation’s patriots who have stood to
    defend our independence and liberty, it becomes infinitely more certain that our
    Constitution deserves just as much respect today as in any former time.

           Our Constitution survives today for us to celebrate this long established fact, that
    those who are willing to sacrifice for the preservation of our independence and liberty
    do not sacrifice in vain.

           We should always be able to celebrate our Constitutional rights of independence
    and liberty and the brave who make it possible, not only on the 4th of July and
    Memorial Day, but for 365 days a year. May the law of the United States Constitution
    forever stand as our standard of liberty in respect for our God given unalienable rights.

           For this celebration, we unitedly support the Constitution for this land of liberty.

           We support our American Law Enforcement Officers and Military Troops by
    celebrating our Constitutional Laws of Liberty that they pledge by oath to defend.


We Stand In Honor of The Declaration of Independence
- American Liberty Is Inseparably Connected To Our Motto
"In God We Trust" -
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